One week to go.

I have been busy these last couple months getting in touch with people that I would like to interview along my route.  OK, I'm spoiling the surprise, but here's a sneak peek of some of the folks you will meet early on in the journey...
  • Alan Raflo, editor of the Virginia Water Central journal and the voice of Virginia Water Radio
  • Jessica Coker, director of the Mountain Lake Conservancy
  • Henry Wilbur and Butch Brodie, expert biologists at UVA's Mountain Lake Biological Station
  • Pat Calvert, our new Upper James Riverkeeper
  • Frits van der Leeden, author of the Water Atlas of Virginia
  • Jay Gilliam, the first person I heard say the words "aquatic macroinvertebrates" when I was a kid
  • Mike White, dam keeper for Lynchburg's Pedlar Reservoir
  • Betty McCracken, conservationist with the Monacan Soil and Water Conservation District
...and many more along the way!  As long as they don't get scared away by my appearance after days of walking, I should gather some worthy words of wisdom from this motley crew that I will share with you on this blog.  Keep a look out.