Day 8a: Caldwell Mtn to Fincastle

Leaving Caldwell Mountain

Morning mist

Another abandoned farmhouse

Trying to arrange for a canoe to start boating on the James

Fincastle Library, blogging

Day 7: Craig Creek Valley

Laurels achillies tendons are rebelling

Fresh Asparagus

Ahh! The map did not say that the road forded a flooding river.
We had to backtrack a long road meaning that  6-7 miles
 of walking will only put us back where we were before lunch

With hurting heals we decided that a short hitchike to make it to the
 other side of the river ford was allowed 
More fields

Evening thunderstorm climbing Caldwell Mountain

Images from Johns Creek Valley

Ryan likes breaks

Shale hillside

Beautiful abandoned farm house

Sneeking back out from an abandoned house

John's Creek Valley is mostly hay fields

Camping in the rain

More Walking in the Rain

Cutest Library Ever 

Stinky Hiker in the Kid's section