A good rest under the Blue Ridge Parkway

Laurel taking a well deserved nap after a full day of whitewater boating and two successful dam portages.   We have five more to go.   We might give the Big Island portage a try this evening.  There is a factory there and if the plant worker's wont help us then it is a two mile road walk.   Hitchhiking with a canoe???

Day 11: Not all rivers are smooth

Today we were joined by Ryan's father Fred and George Bowles for a great run down the Balcony Falls section of the James.  Thankfully our canoe stayed upright although we did get a good bit of water in it a few times.   Fred also gave us a very needed ride around the Cushaw Dam.   The portage around the dam was fine but the rapids right below looked a bit too difficult for our canoe laden with camping equipment.