A short break...to be continued

Testing out the new shoes - this time with some weight!
I ended up coming home on Wednesday when Ryan headed back home, so I could test how my achilles tendons might hold up for walking the eastern half of my planned route.  A visit to a podiatrist confirmed that the shoes I hiked in simply were too small and bruised my achilles, but a bigger pair of shoes and some heel cushions should allow me to keep on trucking.  Luckily the shop where I got fitted for those shoes originally took back the first pair and gave me a larger size for free (I think showing them a gruesome photo of my heels helped)!  I will start up again early next week where we left off at New Canton and try to take it a little easy on the miles at first.

This short break has allowed me to catch up on blog entries that I missed earlier.  Scroll down to see new posts and/or photos for May 18, 19, 20, 22, and 24!

Looking forward to showing you more images and stories soon from our great state,